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Relationship Advice

Saturday, March 12th, 2011


1. to be told they’re sexy and desired above anyone else
2. to be told he is caring for you
3. to be told you he makes you feel safe
4. to be pampered sometimes eg when arrives home from work, hang up his jacket, offer him cup of tea or beer, switch on football although you dislike it


1. being made to feel jealous
2. criticism

OTHER ADVICE (for women):

1. How Not To Criticize

Do NOT criticize. Instead praise what you do like. Note that men are particularly motivated by desire. So to get him to change his clothes, find a time when he wears something you do like and say “You look really sexy in that!” or “When you wear that it makes me feel horny”

Never say “I felt disappointed”. Instead say “I felt sad when…”

If the balance of dealing with cleaning and housework is an issue, put the emphasis on your behaviour rather than his, e.g., “I feel undervalued/I don’t feel respected/I don’t feel good about this”

All of these strategies tend to work because good men want their partners to be happy. If the above doesn’t work, then you need a frank discussion!!

2. How To Appear More Of A Challenge And Therefore More Desirable (Early Part Of Relationship Only)

Have an air of mystery

Do not accept all dates offered. Instead say “I’m busy Friday, but I can do Saturday”

Don’t pin them down to the next date. Instead straight after the date text and say: “Thanks for a lovely evening. Hope to do it again some time soon”. Don’t push for when. They will come back to you with a time, if they are into you. If not, they’re just not into you.

3. How To Get More Compliments and Thoughtful Romantic Gestures

Praise, praise, praise: “That made me feel great when you…” “I really love it when I get compliments. There’s nothing that turns me on more” “When you say things like that to me I feel really good” (then kiss them)

4. How To Come Across As Strong & Independent

If he asks eg you what food you’d like to eat, make a decision, even if you are quite relaxed and don’t really mind. Show you are not wishywashy and just wanting to please him


Sunday, January 4th, 2009

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